Celebrating 40 Years

Celebrating 40 Years


We aim to provide an integrated learning environment that develops independent thinking, promotes self discipline and excellence, enabling all students to experience achievement and success within a caring Islamic environment.


  • To prepare well-rounded students who will succeed and become responsible citizens of tomorrow
  • To provide a warm, welcoming, secure and healthy environment for all children
  • To encourage independent thinking and learning, within an Islamic ethos
  • To build a collaborative partnership with parents and the local community
  • To encourage and enable the continuous and professional development of all staff

Ahmed Rafeeu

School Principal

Principal's Message

Last year was a very challenging year for all of us in many ways. It was filled with various different activities which helped to develop the all-round personality of students .This has been achieved only with the tremendous contributions made by the teachers. Hence I thank you all with profound gratitude. Furthermore, I am pleased with your high standards of professionalism, sincerity, unity and patience with which you have tackled issues and managed students in all conditions. Thank You Teachers!

Baa Atoll Education Centre is a distinctive school with its unique culture that is appreciated and respected by society. It has its own philosophy and motto. “Do the best – Be the best”. With the commitment of all the staff and their wholehearted support, we are sure that in the forth coming years, Baa Atoll Education Centre will produce many outstanding citizens who will play prominent roles in this society.


We have come a long way. Today we can see the development of our school campus. Though we have developed a lot, yet I feel there is still room for improvement in every area of school system. I feel that we could attain higher standards of professional skills and better academic result if we all stand shoulder to shoulder together and move forward with one goal and aim.

Thank you,

Ahmed Rafeeu

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